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We've helped our clients collectively achieve

Increased Revenue
New subscribers
New Leads

Our CRO framework is tailored to meet your conversion goals

Our dedicated team of experts will empower you to build a better testing process for success.


Convert more web traffic into customers

Gain untapped revenue from the traffic that's already visiting your website.

2 people B2B connections

Increase B2B lead captures

Build a stronger and more consistent sales pipeline so you can finally sleep at night.


Gain new subscribers

Newsletter subscriber lists are key to creating loyal customers.  Grow your list of followers and repeat purchasers.

Advanced reporting

Get advanced reporting

Learnings and insights will allow your team to make faster, more informed decisions across the organization.

cart abandonment

Mitigate cart abandonment

Identify what is stopping your visitors from making it to purchase completion and eliminate those barriers.

ROI Tree

Increase ROI

Improving your site conversion rate will make a measurable impact your bottom line. Continually grow your revenue month-over-month with data-driven multi-variate tests.

CRO strategic consulting

Get an actionable roadmap detailing key insights about your customers and website. It will outline specific experiments for improving website performance.

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CRO Consulting
CRO implementation

CRO implementation

Bring us on to implement our suggested changes and be your ongoing thought leader in driving sales, conversions, and new business.

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How it works

Our CRO program establishes specific measurable time-based goals to improve website ROI through multivariate testing. 


Goal setting

We’ll work to understand your business, your customers, your target customers, and your goals. We’ll examine your unique offerings so deeply, it’s like we’re a member of your team.

CRO goal setting

Making insights actionable

We’ll survey your users and also monitor them as they navigate your website in real-time, exploring how they scroll, what they click on, and where they exit or drop off. 

CRO Insights

Developing a success roadmap

‍We seamlessly marry findings from our analysis, our CRO expertise, and knowledge of your business objectives to develop a 6-month iterative testing plan.

CRO Roadmap

Testing and validation

We execute the custom multivariate testing plan developed within our strategy and planning phase to update your website experience to improve ROI.

CRO Testing and validation

What our clients say

"The team at CRO x Enjin has helped us to significantly grow our online store with support and guidance ranging from bringing new ideas and industry trends to the table to helping with everyday turn key support and always with an emphasis on growing our ecommerce conversions and creating an enjoyable experience for our consumers"

Lexi Kennedy
Brand Manager at YumEarth
YumEarth Brand

From our very first conversation with their lead account, project management and web dev team members through the final stages of rigorous testing and launch, the CRO x Enjin team were fantastic to work with…meeting every commitment, every deadline and every objective we set out to accomplish.
No egos, and never a “we know more than you do” attitude.. the CRO x Enjin team of very talented web development and design professionals are true partners in every sense of the word.

Wendy Lambert
President, MediaVision Creative
YumEarth Brand

Whether you’re looking to launch or evolve your brand, Electric Enjin brings the expertise to realize scale and growth through creative/UX transformations and innovation. A group of creative visionaries, passionate about their work, and with the dedication to help their clients achieve their goals.

Adam Walker
Vice President, PlusMedia
YumEarth Brand

CRO x Enjin has changed our marketing landscape, specifically, related to website optimization. Our leads are the kind that make a difference to the bottom line. The EE team has made me a much more informed digital marketer and I can't imagine doing my job without them. Hire them!

Rod Morton
Director, Digital Marketing, Sparks
YumEarth Brand

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